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Right Writing News, August 23, 2005, Issue #Special
August 23, 2005

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You get NOT one secret or two, or seven secrets or ten . . . you get it all! 21 power-packed points of professional advice (called secrets) that can only come from and industry insider. Terry Whalin, buy books for a publishing house and knows about the proposals that sell! Terry shares winning secrets of an industry insider including how to:

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All who sign up are offered a complimentary publicity CD: How To Create A Media Friendly Book Packed With Segment Ideas & BUZZ!

About Terry Whalin: W. Terry Whalin knows and understands both sides of the editorial desk--as an editor and a writer. He is the Fiction Acquisitions Editor at Howard Publishing Company based in West Monroe, Louisiana. He worked as a magazine editor for Decision and In Other Words magazines. His magazine articles have appeared in more than 50 Christian and general market publications plus he's written more than 60 books. A journalism graduate from Indiana University, Terry writes a wide spectrum of subjects and topics for the magazine and book marketplace--from children to teen to adult.

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Writing Insight Between Right Writing News

By W. Terry Whalin

During the last week, my blog about the Writing Life has been redesigned. I'm adding new entries several times a week and at times daily. I recommend you make a regular habit of reading The Writing Life. One of the best ways to regularly read the information is to set up a free Yahoo account and add The Writing Life to the content of your news page. Just use the button below:

The Writing Life

Seven Ways To Get Book Proposals That Sell

The new trade paperback book (with the retail price of $14) is available in many different places. As Senior Editor at Multnomah Publishers Larry Libby says, "In the often bewildering world of book publishing, aspiring authors need more than desire, creative skill, and something worthwhile to say. They also need a road map. My friend Terry Whalin offers a map even Rand-McNally couldn’t top. If you have any inclination toward getting a book published, you’ll do well by studying this book first."

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6. Order a copy from your local bookstore--and remember to take along the ISBN or the International Standard Book Number (1-932124-64-0) so your local bookstore can look up the book from FaithWorks Distributors and order it.

7. Order a copy from the publisher, Write Now Publications

Actually there are more than seven ways to get Book Proposals That Sell, 21 Secrets To Speed Your Success. If you want the book immediately in electronic form (you print your own book), then go to: this link.

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