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Dear Internet friend,

What's the secret weapon of major companies like Google and Microsoft?

Million dollar marketing campaigns? Creative CEO's? Cutting edge technology far ahead of their competitors? Maybe.

But if you want to know their newest secret weapon for building a customer base of millions of loyal users (that costs hardly any money to do), let me tell you...

  • The secret weapon that gets customers passionate about your brand...
  • The secret weapon that sprouts profitable relationships with your customers...
  • The secret weapon that can turn a faceless, scary company into a business with the human and comforting touch... blogging.

You don't need to be a computer expert (or spend a lot of money) to use the secret weapon even major corporations use to build their business! Now you can use blogging to...

  • Build Passion For Your Brand with your customers just by writing down your thoughts and plans (best of all, it costs next to nothing!)

  • Boost Sales With Your Personal Touch as that special, magic, human connection starts to grow between your business and your customer. (Any company, big or small, that doesn't follow this concept in the relationship age of business just won't make it!)

  • Conquer The Search Engine Rankings without even trying! The secret power of blogging is that you can get listed in search engines like Yahoo much faster than with any other type of site. (And there's more, keep reading!)

Blogging is almost like keeping a journal. But the WHOLE WORLD can read it! Normally what you write in a journal is very personal, and that's just the point of blogging for businesses!

Your Business, Blogging, And Customer Relationships In The Information Age!

Here's the problem for businesses that don't build personal relationships with their customers...

...with the Internet giving customers almost infinite options, you need to add a personal touch to create customer relationships. So you're not some scary company, but a real guy or gal.

Blogging wins customer relationships. It brings in waves of loyal customers. Who come to YOU each time they have a need.

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Even though the technology is fairly new, 10% of small businesses have already started to add blogging to their marketing efforts! (With another 16% planning to add it in the near future.)

How To Blog And Explode Your Business...

You may be surprised when I tell you this...

...but if you ever thought you wouldn't have anything to say in a blog, you're completely wrong. If you run a business, you have something to say!

People want to know about your products, services, or industry news - sometimes people are even interested in your last vacation! Tell me you don't have anything to say about that!

And the glowing bonus of your own blog are the search engines. Blogs are the "darling" of search engines. Why? Because they provide them with fresh content. 

Don't forget the number of people who are willing to link to content that is updated often. If you keep a good blog, you'll start compiling an empire of incoming links. How does that help you?

Google loves to list sites with lots of incoming links high in their rankings. Can you believe it?

An unintended side-effect of treating your customers like gold is high search engine rankings!

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  • 5 ways to explode your business with a blog.
  • 8 rules you must follow if you want to have a successful blog
  • How something called "RSS feeds" can help you communicate with your customers even better than email!
  • The secret to getting your blog listed in Yahoo search results free within 48 hours.

And that's far from all.

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