Get Free Business Cards To Promote Your Writing

Use this page to get some free business cards and promote your freelance writing. These business cards could be one of the first steps for you to acknowledge your freelance writing. Use these cards at conferences to introduce yourself to an editor. Use these cards in your query letters to magazines or with your book proposals to publishers.

As an editor who teaches at various writer's conferences and attends others, I am always prepared with my own business cards. Often I ask for a business card from a fellow writer or another editor. It's how I get their information and give this person my contact information. Business cards have incredible power--and usefulness.

Last year, I traveled to so many conferences that it became overwhelming the amount of business cards which were not entered into my computerized rolodex. My solution? I purchased a small business card scanner and quickly added the information to my rolodex. Business cards can become an important tool for the freelance writer--and your first step is to have your own cards.

A professional business card will help you and your friends understand the serious nature of your writing. It is a business and you have the cards to prove it. Click the banner below to learn more.