Cover Letters Make A Lasting Impression

Cover letters are rooted in first impressions. By design, it's the first place your eye goes when you open a package or a manuscript or an email.

What type of impression are you making through your letter? It is important that your words be professional yet also stand out from the hundreds of other cover letters. Also you want to make sure that you give a good impression rather than a negative impression. As an editor, I've discovered I recall the negative impressions as well as the positive ones from cover letters. For example, if the letter is printed on colored paper like red, I will remember it for many years but not in a positive fashion.

Whether you are looking for your first job or changing full-time jobs or looking for part-time work, you need to master the skill of writing cover letters. You've landed on the right page because this page is going to be the central jumping off point from to teach on this particular aspect of writing. If you are looking to land another part-time writing assignment or just brushing up your job skills, welcome. Look around and explore all of the links on this page.

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Cover Letters: Your First Chance to Impress

Formatting Your Cover Letter

Use A Follow-Up Letter For More Attention

How To Use A Thank You Letter To Stand Out

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Resources to Consider

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