Grant Writing Is A Skill You Can Learn

A grant of cash? It sounds unbelievable and like exactly what you need. Many people are searching for something for nothing. It is true that each year billions of U.S. dollars are provided to fund projects. Like many other things in life, it will take some effort on your part to learn about these funding proposals and how to position yourself to qualify.

Last year, the Federal Government gave away an estimated $346 Billion Dollars in Federal Grants and aid. Here are a couple of little publicized facts:

Before entering the White House, President George W. Bush received over $200 million in government money to build a new stadium for his baseball team.

Before Vice President Dick Cheney entered government, he was running Halliburton Company and Halliburton received $3 billion in government money for his business.

On the surface, it looks simple to write a proposal and get the funds. Like other areas of writing right (like writing a book proposal for a nonfiction book project), you will need to learn the skills of grant writing before you are successful in this area.

Watch this page and return often because it will offer reviews of excellent grant writing products and also provide some additional links to grant writing resources. If you use these products and tools, you will be able to write a successful funding proposal and have access to these funds for your program and project. I suggest you use the button below to easily return to this launching point about this type of writing.

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