Why Writers Love Book Clubs

Book Clubs hold a special place in the lives of writers. When a new book arrives in the mail, I'm always eager to open the package and begin reading.

There are a number of important reasons to support these special companies. First, it is an economic way to get new books. Even if you don't purchase many books, the company newsletter can help you keep up on the new book products, read reviews and author interviews plus other information. These newsletters become another means for you as a writer to learn about the current book market.

For the author and the publisher, these organizations help spread the word about the new release and often promote additional sales through the bookstores. Not everyone will order the book immediately but the information about the new title will affirm the importance of a title. Then weeks later, the person will be looking around a bookstore and purchase the title. It's been regularly shown that book clubs sales increase regular bookstore sales.

This page is going to highlight some terrific Book Clubs for writers. Watch for this page to grow and change in the days ahead. If you want to mark it so you can return, then use the button below to put it on your favorites page:


As the major Christian book club in the U.S., Crossings provides a great array of types of nonfiction and fiction books. They have a great service record and make it easy to join and continue your membership. If you'd like to learn more, then use the banner below.