Suzie Eller Provides Straight-Forward Writing Insight

At whatever stage of your career, Suzie Eller can help your writing. Maybe you are beginning in freelance writing or well along the path to publication as an intermediate writer, Marketing 101: Everything You Need to Market and Publish Your Freelance Writing contains some fresh information.

This book is a comprehensive step-by-step look at how you find the right tools, how you take an idea and execute it, then how you write queries which garner freelance writing assignments. If you want to have your magazine submissions in the expected format and get the most from the Internet as a marketing tool or have a valuable experience at a Christian writer's conference, then Suzie's stories and how-to information will help.

If you want some new energy to stick to your personal freelance goals and dreams, then you will discover significant value from this book. Suzie has walked with many beginning writers through this process and achieved remarkable success with her own writing. I recommend this 111-page ebook.

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