Your Source For A Federal Grant

To apply for a federal grant, you need to tap into the available resources. has a members only protected website which will help you navigate through the procedures of grant writing. Because of the Internet, is accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week after you become a member.

The first area of the site gives a detailed guide to developing a grant proposal. The first part of any proposal is preparation, developing the ideas, community support and identification of a funding resource. Then the guide provides detailed advice about the eight basic components of a solid proposal package.

After you understand how to write the proposal, another key ingredient for any Federal Grant is finding the state and federal agency contacts. These agencies are well organized and easy-to-use. Also if you are interested in Foundation Grant Information, it is easily accessible.

This site lists thousands of Federal Grant programs which are available and organizes them according to category such as education or housing to make them easy to search.

Did you know Government agencies hold $300 billion in unclaimed money and property? This site explains the legal language and gives instructions for you to claim this unclaimed property.

I found the member area of easy to navigate and loaded with valuable resources. I recommend you visit the site below.

To Visit, Click Here!