Find Free U.S. Government Money

How do you find free money? Maybe you've heard about the 1,400 available programs and $345 billion in grants that are given away each year. One of the challenges is to know who to contact , where to get the forms and the specifics as far as their contact information. Free Money From the U.S. Government has removed this difficulty with their clear and easy-to-read resource.

There are literally thousands of programs, State, Federal and Private ready to give you the money you need to start or expand any buiness, invent a product or to fund your research.

This resource includes a short example of a cover letter to ask for additional information from a Grant Source as well as resources for writing the actual grant proposal. The information covers federal agencies as well as every state in the U.S.

If you are looking for information about grant writing, I encourage you to consider this resource and find out more by clicking on the banner below.