"3-MINUTE HEADLINE CREATOR" Shows You How To Create Profit-Pulling Headlines For Your Ezine Ads, Web Site, Email Offers, Articles, In 3-Minutes Or Less And Will Increase Your Response
By A Whopping 455%!

"On the average, 5 times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. It follows that, unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90% of your money."

-- David Ogilvy
World famous advertising executive and best-selling author.

Hello fellow marketer,

What is the #1 most important part of all your marketing on the Internet?

Actually it is even more important than the body of your ad and even your sales letter!

It's your headline!

Think about this for a minute. How do people reach you on the Internet?

What makes your reader click over to your web site or read your email message?

It all points back to your headline!

Your headline WILL only work as well as you program it to!

It is the only link to your market that says, "I'm open for business, here's what I have to offer"!

If it doesn't get people to click over to your offer, you don't make MONEY!

"Here's A Tool That Let's You Create Profit-Pulling Headlines
For All Your Ezine Ads, Articles, Web Site Ads"

Regardless of the method you use to create your headlines I guarantee you'll love what I'm about to show you...

It's called the "3-Minute Headline Creator"!

It's a 3-Step Headline Brainstormer that helps you to create a profit-pulling headline every time you use it!

What's nice about it is that it's all contained on a single page...

There's no large volume chapters to read, so if you are looking to access everything with just a few clicks, then you'll love this tool!

Here's what's included:

  • A database of over 50 Emotional Triggers Why People Will Respond To Any Given Marketing Promotion!
    You'll learn the insider secrets on what people are looking for and how to "emotionally" attach them to your product or service wit the selective use of words.
  • How To Extract Benefits, Not Features And Use Them In Your Headlines!
    You'll satisfy the "WIIFM" (what's in it for me) rule that steers the wheel of your prospects mentality... (Failure to do this one thing and you'd be better off throwing you money out the window...)
  • 7 Headline Types That Most Marketers Don't Even Know Exists...And How To Use Them To Your Advantage!
    You'll know which type of headline to use for your specific product or service to generate the greatest response from your headlines.
  • Over 200 Best Ever Headline Phrases!
    You'll never be at a loss for "killer headline" starters. The "3-Minute Headline Creator" is jammed-packed full of headline phrases that will work for any product.
  • How to reach 176,855 ezine subscribers for FREE using the built-in FREE Ezine Ad Blaster!
  • FREE 30-Day Online Ad Tracking System That Works Better Than Any Other Tracking System On The Internet!
    You'll know which headlines worked and which one didn't as you get to test your headlines for 30-days...FREE! Test your ezine ads, web site, search engine listings, email list offers and more!

The 3-step process is simple...

All of the "mystery" has been removed from creating your OWN high response headlines in minutes!

"Download The 3-Minute Headline Creator
Before Your Competition Does!"

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Terry Whalin

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