Just Do It: A Pep Talk for Writers

By Alyice Edrich

Okay here is the low down on writing and making a career of it. You have to go through several rejection letters in order to get a "Yes." And even when you receive a "YES," you still have to go through rejections before you get your next resounding, "YES."

Rejections hurt and sometimes they can suck the creativity right out from under you. But you have to remember that everyone receives a rejection letter at one time or another--even the best authors in the world still receive rejection letters. The only way you will ever succeed is to write, edit, submit, wait, and start all over again the next day, and the next day, and the next day.

If you really hate rejection slips and feel querying publications is a waste of both your time and your energy, get out of the writing business because truth-be-told, there is no way around it. Whether you bid on a writing project for a small or corporate business or send a query letter to a small or large publication, you’ll have to endure both rejections and the waiting game.

You'll have to wait to hear whether your article was accepted or rejected. You'll wait to hear if any edits need to be done. You'll wait to find out when your payment has been sent, and you'll wait to hear when your article will be published.

The only way you (or I) will ever become the accomplished, well-respected authors we hope to be is by getting out there and "just doing it." And to help you psych yourself up for reaching freelance writer success, I've included the following "Just Do It" tips:

• When doubt creeps in as it often will, Just Do It!

• Make yourself a daily (or weekly) goal sheet and find someone to keep you accountable. Just Do It!

• Write one query letter a week. Just Do It!

• Tailor each of your query letters towards a minimum of five publications. Just Do It!

• Don't have postage stamps this week? Send your query letter via email. Just Do It!

• Write something every day. It doesn't matter if you're writing a goal sheet, a letter to an editor, a letter to a friend, an apology note, an entry in your journal, a sentence in hopes of turning it into an article, or a paragraph for the book you're working on. Just Do It!

• Never give up. No matter how many rejection letters you receive, don't give up. It's at the moment you're ready to throw in the towel that a break with come through and some editor will want to publish your article. Just Do It!

• Turn rejections into learning lessons. Did you receive a rejection letter in the mail? Read between the lines. Is there anything useful that can be used to help better your writing? Was there an invitation to send another article idea? Take the time to write something this week. Just Do It!

• Take the hint. Find yourself receiving far too many rejection letters with notes about improving your quality of writing? Improve your craft of writing. Get yourself to a writing class, writer's conference, or critique group today. Just Do It!

• Break writer’s block. If you find yourself experiencing a major writer's block get out of the house. Find something fun and creative to do, and don't forget to bring along a notepad and pen (in case something pops into your mind). Just Do It!

• Believe in yourself. Don't second guess yourself, and don't wait until your query letter is 100% perfect. Just Do It!

No matter how many times you find yourself frustrated enough to walk away from your dream of becoming a successful freelance writer, remind yourself that every accomplished writer had to start at the bottom at one time or another. Then pull out your "Just Do It" tip sheet and give yourself a pep talk.

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