How to Get Paid for your JavaScript PopUp

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Did you know you can get paid just for installing a simple JavaScript popup on your Web site? This article tells you exactly how to do this, so you can start generating some serious popup revenue within just a few minutes. The various options available to you are detailed below, so you can pick one that's right for you.

Affiliate Target -

Another pay per popup network, this time offering two programs: either a single exit popup program that pays up to $3.5 CPM, or a multi popup exit program that pays $6 CPM. You need to choose which of the programs is right for you as you can only choose one.

The single exit popup program uses an innovative 15 second delay after your visitor leaves the site.

They have various requirements, such as you must be an English site (though you can be based anywhere in the world) and you are not allowed to display any other popups on the same page, including exit popups.

They accept a huge range of sites, ranging from the larger high traffic sites to the smaller sites that one receive a few hundred impressions a day.

The minimum payout is $10.00, and feedback is generally positive.

ExitFuel -

This plan purports to guarantee you income on every visitor who hits your site. Rather than only paying you if a user clicks on a banner, ExitFuel pays you for fully displaying an exit popup window. You get simple instructions for installing the system so most site owners will be able to get up and running in just a few minutes.

They pay an excellent rate of $5 CPM, which, rather than clicks, refers to a fully loaded sponsor page and/or ad console.

Their main conditions are that you have to install it on your site's main page, you are not able to have any other popup windows, and you must have an English site. Various countries are also excluded from their program.

There's an added bonus in that you can earn 20% of the earnings of all the new affiliates you refer, allowing you to quickly build up your income levels.

Exit Fuel pays by check on the 15th of each month for the previous month's reporting period. All cheques are in US$ and must be for a minimum of $50.00.

Fastclick -

Their ad network pays you an amount equal to 65% of the revenue Fastclick receives from selling you ad space. You can select to use non-intrusive pop-under ads, or use more standard banner and skyscraper ads. You can choose a particular advertising campaign, and the ads will be rotated on your site.

They pay you each month, once you reach their $50 minimum amount. If you earn less than that for any month, it's simply rolled over into the next month. You can select to either receive a check or to get paid by PayPal.

They also run a referral program that pays you 5% of the earnings of any publishers that you refer, and also 5% of the campaign budget for any referred advertisers.

Sites must be in English and they must receive a minimum of 3000 page impressions a month. Unusually, you are allowed to have another pop window on your site.

goClick -

This is a search engine that allows you to get paid for launching an unintrusive pop-under window displaying their search engine, targeted specifically to what your visitors are searching for.

They pay $2.50 per thousand visitors. You can set the frequency of the pop-unders from the control panel.

Their minimum payment is $25, and they only pay via PayPal.

You can also use another program, whereby you place a goClick search box or banner on your site, and you get 2 cents for each qualified visitor you send their way. If you get more than 5000 unique visitors a day, they offer to work out a custom program for you to generate even higher revenue.

MyAdArea -

This network will pay you 60% of the revenues they receive from their advertisers. The advertisers bid to display their banners and popups on your website, with the highest bidder displayed first, so you get 60% of their bid.

They pay at the end of each month with a minimum payout of $50. Any unpaid amounts are rolled over into the next month.

Only English language sites are accepted, though there is no minimum page view requirement.

They also run a referral program whereby you are paid 5% of the money either paid by advertisers or paid to publishers who you refer. They also go to another couple of tiers, at a rate of 1%.

Noconversions -

This network promises to pay you 4 cents per click through, regardless of the method you use, eg. you can send them traffic by using text links, banners, popups, and so on.

They also offer 10% commission on the earnings of webmasters you refer. Their minimum payment is $50.00, and they only accept English sites.

However, there have been various reported problems with payment,so I would strongly advise you to choose another provider.

Pop Up Money -

This is a large popup window network which offers to pay you $1.00 per 1000 pop-up impressions. The popups are displayed when a visitor enters your site.

You get all the instructions you need to quickly add a popup window to your Web site, and you can select your minimum payout amount, starting at $50. Amounts roll over into the next pay period if you have earned less than the minimum, and once you've got started, they'll pay you each quarter.

You are not allowed any other popups on your site, except if you are running on a free host or redirecting service that itself opens a small popup window.

You can use the same popup across different Web sites, as long as they all fit into the same category.

Various countries are excluded from participation, though they allow all sites that use Latin characters (so Chinese and Japanese sites for example would not be accepted).

PopUpSponsor -

Rather than pay you per click, these guys pay you $5 per thousand visitors, plus 10% of the earnings of anyone you refer.

They pay in US$, 45 days after the end of each calendar month, with a minimum payment amount of $25. If you earn less than the minimum, your earnings roll over to subsequent months until you reach the required amount.

You are not allowed to have any other popups on the same page, including those provided by free hosting services. You can choose if you wish to have the popups on entry to the page or on exit.

Sites must be in the English language.

PopupTraffic -

They pay you $3 CPM for popup windows, and $2 CPM for pop-unders - you can choose to use both if you wish. They pay you per loaded pop window rather than per click.

You are not allowed to have any other popups on the same page.

They pay by the 10th day of the month for the previous month, with a $25 minimum payout, otherwise the earnings roll over to the next period.

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