How Do You Find Freelance Work?

This question about freelance writing work is usually one of the foremost on writer's minds. One of the most common bits if advice you hear (and true) is don't quit your day job. It often takes time and energy and networking to find enough projects to sustain you financially. I didn't take the full-time freelance writing plunge until about twelve years ago.

Below I have a number of links to job board and other places to find writing assignments. Remember there are no quick fixes when it comes to finding someone to pay for your writing. Even the jobs listed below will require you to craft an eye-catching email or query letter. Then when you get the assignment, you will have to polish your materials and prove to the editor or recepient that you were worthy of the assignment and payment. Firsthand, I know that writing is hard work and requires perserverance and discipline and excellent writing.

In addition to these job boards, don't forget the power of consistently pitching ideas to magazines through a query letter. This letter if well-crafted can garner a high-paying assignment. Also remember the power of relationship to meet editors at conferences and follow through with their ideas and assignments. In addition, there are always more book proposals to write and after receiving a book contract, more books to be written. Each query and proposal is another opportunity apart from these writing possibilites below.

This page is not finished--but a work-in-progress. If you find job boards that aren't worth the energy, then use the email button at the bottom of the page to let me know. Also use this favorites button to mark this page so you can easily return.

First, what kind of writer are you? A magazine writer? A book writer? A copywriter? The more diverse you can make your writing skills, then the more opportunities will be available to you.

Media Bistro

How to Pitch to Various Magazines--specific tips from the editor

If you have exhausted all of the sites above, then turn to this page at to learn more about how to read market listings and other valuable job seekers links.