5 Reasons Why Certain Newsletters Get *READ*, Whilst Others Get *TRASHED*!

by Michael Green

It's a simple truth...

Some newsletters seem to attract readers like bees to honey -
whilst others seem to struggle to find a marketplace of
accepting and interested subscribers. But why?

What's the big difference between success and failure when it
comes to publishing your own newsletter? And what should you aim
to do, if your goal is to build an army of loyal subscribers?

For the first time ever, acknowledged newsletter expert, Michael
Green, reveals his top five hints for creating your own winning
newsletter or Ezine publication.


If you edit a newsletter and think you can muddle through without
top quality content, then think again!

Let's look at it this way. With so many newsletter titles out
there today - especially on the web - the choice for readers is
almost endless.

Your audience is more subtly aware of the quality of your
editorial, articles and content, than you may think.

So don't skimp when it comes to finding top quality contributions
for your publication. It should be obvious, but great content
matters, perhaps more than ever before.


Great newsletters all have one thing in common. They display
style and personality.

Wait a minute...can a newsletter really have a personality?

You bet. In fact, it must have a personality, or it's simply
doomed to fail!

Your readers *really* need to appreciate what your publication
is all about. Which perspective are you approaching your subject
from? Are you light-hearted or serious? Do you display the
traits that can foster trust from your readership?

Don't leave your readers in any doubt about your market position.

Display style and personality in every issue and be sure to
allow your readers to share in your spirit.


A big difference between newsletters that get read, and those
that get trashed, is that the good ones are nearly always
published to a regular schedule which is advertised in advance
and understood by their readerships.

So determine a publishing schedule, let it be known, and rigidly
stick to it.

If you want others to take your newsletter or Ezine seriously,
then you need to work your way into your readerships routine.

A regular publishing timetable helps you to achieve this goal
and so "frequency" is an important feature in achieving success
for your newsletter.

But remember, frequency doesn't mean that you have to commit to
publishing every day or every week. It just means that you need
to set a schedule that is fully predictable for your readers.
That could just as easily be quarterly.


Stop and think about any newsletter that you personally happen
to read on a regular basis. Now ask yourself: "What is it that
really makes me read this newsletter?"

The answer is invariably that you believe what's written in it.

That's right. Newsletters that you like, all have a high
"credibility factor".

So be cautious about just allowing anyone to be a guest article
author. Check 'em out first, be comfortable that the knowledge
that they are imparting is really first-class.

One bad article published in YOUR newsletter or Ezine could
destroy YOUR credibility with a reader forever. So thoroughly
vet everything you publish.


Perhaps the most important factor in establishing your newsletter
as a trusted source, is your ability to create real integrity for
your publication.

What does this mean?

Well you've probably read newsletters, particularly those on the
web, which forever seem to be pushing some new resource right in
your face. And you know straightaway that there's obviously
something in this for the editor.

Actually, they're probably pushing an affiliate program or some
kind of joint-venture.

Nothing wrong with that of course. But try to avoid turning your
entire newsletter or Ezine into one long relentless advertising

I've read a lot of newsletters that start out well for a couple
of issues, but then descend into one long sales spiel by the
third edition.

So follow the FIVE GOLDEN RULES of newsletter success and you'll
soon turn your own publication into a newsletter that gets READ,
not one of the many that gets instantly TRASHED upon arrival.

Good luck with your newsletter or Ezine.

Michael Green
Newsletter expert and toolkit publisher.

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